#FoodFriday 12th June 2015
Food is one of the most natural and social human interest. No matter where you are in the world, you will find people discussing what they like to eat or cook, or interested in new recipes or new places to go to. Because of its open and public nature, Twitter is the best platform for eaters, chefs, restaurants, foodies around the world to connect around their favourite topic. Together with Twitter UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Germany, we will bring all of these people and organizations together on June 12th for #FoodFriday.

How to take part in #FoodFriday?
  1. Sign-up on this form →
  2. Announce your participation to #FoodFriday on Twitter (e.g. “Looking forward to the first ever #FoodFriday on June 12th to [what you are planning]” + Photo, Vine or Video)
  3. Prepare your participation in #FoodFriday on Twitter and on your other communication channels.
    • Morning: Behind the scenes
    • Mid-day: Lunch time
    • Afternoon: Tips, tricks and last minute deals

Who can take part in #FoodFriday?
Anyone can take part in #FoodFriday and engage with other European chefs, restaurants, street stalls and foodies. To kickstart the initiative, we have partnered with a selection of organisations and people to create relevant and newsworthy content on #FoodFriday. The list of early participants is here.

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